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Puppy Proofing

Puppy-proof your home. Puppies go through a chewing stage for much of their first year. Put up items close to the floor you don’t want him chewing or that could be dangerous to him. Beware of houseplants—many are lethal to animals. Buy a safe, commercial repellent spray that can be applied to furniture legs or woodwork that will discourage your puppy from doing damage. Until he’s older and can be trusted, decide where in the house you don’t want him to go and put up baby gates. Remember, puppyhood is the time your new dog will be most charming AND most destructive. It won’t last forever. Be patient.

Check out your fence for holes or cracks in the gate where a small puppy could escape. If you don’t have a fence, never leave your puppy outside unattended. A puppy, like a toddler, will wander off and doesn’t know the dangers in a street. It’s a good idea to never allow your puppy to be off a leash when outside without a fence.

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