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The ideal Miniature Australian Shepherd is the mirror image of the Australian Shepherd, only in a smaller, calmer package.  Their size ranges from 14″ to 18″ tall for the Miniature and 13″ and smaller for the Toy.  They are compact and well balanced; very athletic and alert.  They are in the Herding Group and can be seen in the Breed and Obedience show ring, as well as in the home as a supremely devoted companion.

They come in a variety of coat and eye colors.  The Blue Merle has patches and patterns of black on a background varying from slate gray to powder blue.  The Red Merle has patches and patterns of red on a cream colored background.  The Black has a solid black body.  They may have white trim, in which case they would be a Black Bi, or black, copper and white, which would be a Black Tri.

The Reds vary in intensity from a deep mahogany to a brownish-red color.  As with the Blacks, a Red and white is known as a Red Bi; add copper points and the dog is a Red Tri.

Their eyes may be blue, brown, amber, or one blue, one brown, flecked or marbled. Tails are sometimes natural bobs, longer ones are docked.

They are sensitive, easily trained, excellent natural guardians of the home and they possess varing degrees of hearding instincts.  They are calm and confident, usually suspicious of strangers.  They are entirely devoted to their masters and will go to great lengths to please them.  Their unique size makes them perfectly suited to our growing urbon lifestyle, as well as
making excellent traveling companions.

With their many attributes you will find this amazingly versatile and affectionate companion great with children.  They are a devoted friend and guardian, for they are naturally protective. They are eager to please and seem to have a sixth sense about what the owner wants.

Their coat is easy to groom and needs little attention.  Brush occasionally with a firm bristle brush and bathe only when necessary.  They are an average shedder.

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